The 8 Best Bidet Toilet Seats of 2020


BioBidet BB-I3000

  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable and works very well.
  • Great quality.

Toto Washlet C100

  • It’s easy to install.
  • Comes with a lot of useful features.
  • Effective cleaning and great appearance

Luxe Neo 120

  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy to operate
  • Ceramic and metal internal valve

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall Bidet Seat: BioBidet BB-I3000

“Simple to set up and use without much hassle.”

Best with Multiple Features: Toto Washlet C100 

“The control panel is easy to reach and use.”

Best Value Bidet Seat: Luxe Neo 120

“This option cuts costs while providing the same basic cleaning functionality.”

Runner-Up, Best Value Bidet Seat: Astor Non-Electric

“Easy for multiple users to set their own preferences.”

Best Smart Bidet Seat: Smartbidet SB-1000 

“Advanced features save water and give you more control.”

Best Non-Electric Bidet Seat: GenieBidet Seat

“It skips the need for extensive wiring while providing useful features at a great cost.”

Best Round Bidet Seat: Kohler Puretide 

“With a single, self-cleaning wand, the seat is relatively maintenance free.”

Best Elongated Bidet Seat: American Standard AquaWash Seat

“The jet includes detachable nozzles for easy cleaning.”

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Best Overall Bidet Seat: BioBidet BB-I3000

A good bidet seat should be simple to set up and use without much hassle. The best should also give you some options you didn’t even know you needed. The bioBidet BB-I3000 covers all of these marks with a no-nonsense approach to installation. As a non-electric bidet seat, you can forget about finding a free electrical outlet, digging into the wall wiring, or keeping a fresh set of batteries in the cabinets.

The seat features a dual nozzle design that bioBidet refers to as their Vortex Nozzle System. Using your home’s freshwater supply, you can adjust the water pressure and temperature with a simple lever and control dial to fine tune the water that hits your underside. The seat is designed for elongated toilets, so make sure you have the correct dimensions down before making a purchase.


Best with Multiple Features: Toto Washlet C100

For a bidet seat with a little more adjustability, the Toto Washlet C100 is a more advanced option with a higher price tag. For the price, you will get an elongated or round seat with dual nozzles and a plethora of features other options lack. For example, in addition to the typical dual action spray, the nozzles oscillate back and forth for greater coverage. A pre-mist function will keep the bowl wet for improved use and cleaning afterward.

The extensive controls on the bidet include dials for adjusting the water and heated seat temperatures individually. The control panel is easy to reach and use before, during, or after you are done with the seat. The seat also comes with an air dryer, air deodorizer and self-cleaning feature to keep everything clean without extra work.


Best Value Bidet Seat: Luxe Neo 120

True bidet seats can get expensive even though they are more economical than actual bidets. If you want to experience the bidet lifestyle but are limited on the amount you can spend, the Luxe Neo 120 will give you a basic bidet setup without the additional cost. In fact, this option is perfect for people looking to try out bidets or who want to keep their existing toilet seat.

The Neo 120 is a control panel/nozzle device that fits right under your existing toilet seat. By doing away with the lid and seat, this option cuts costs while providing the same basic cleaning functionality. Using a single nozzle with a freshwater supply, the bidet attachment works without any need for electricity. Simply place the attachment onto the existing toilet seat, hook up the standard braided hose, and you are ready to go.


Runner-Up, Best Value Bidet Seat: Astor Non-Electric

Maximizing your savings is the Astor Non-Electric bidet attachment. Using the same philosophy of ditching the lid and toilet, this attachment includes a single dial and nozzle with an easy 10 minute installation. The design of the attachment means you can use it with round or elongated toilet seats of any style. To preserve your existing bathroom décor, this attachment comes in a sleek and simple white finish that blends in with any existing surroundings.

As a non-electric bidet, the attachment uses water pressure alone using a single, standard hose hookup. The central control dial allows you to set the desired pressure so you can make the jet feel as comfortable or as forceful as you want. The dial also makes it easy for multiple users to set their own preferences before using the seat.


Best Smart Bidet Seat: Smartbidet SB-1000

One of the secondary benefits many people like about a bidet seat is the friendly environmental impact. Since you aren’t using any toilet paper or sanitary wipes, you can keep the amount of waste to a minimum. A smart bidet seat can take this a step further with advanced features that save water and give you more control at the same time.

The Smartbidet SB-1000 is an advanced round or elongated seat that comes with an energy saving mode to cut down on the power it uses when not operational. For personal preferences, you can use the included remote control to adjust the water pressure, water temperature and nozzle position on the fly without getting your hands dirty. The warm air dryer is also adjustable for when you are done with the washing.


Best Non-Electric Bidet Seat: GenieBidet Seat

Non-electric bidet seats often lack the advanced features their electric cousins have but are often preferred for a much simpler setup. Without the need for an outlet, you usually just have to screw on the seat and hook up a hose. The GenieBidet Seat skips the need for extensive wiring while still providing some useful features at a great cost. What makes this the best non-electric seat out there? Put simply, the amount of choices it has to offer you.

Coming in both round and elongated profiles, the seat includes the typical adjustable pressure and temperature controls found on other options. In addition to this, dual retractable nozzles let you choose between rear and feminine area cleaning. The dual nozzle design insures the cleaning is area specific to offer the best quality.


Best Round Bidet Seat: Kohler Puretide

A round bidet seat is perfect for more traditional bathroom styles that use the common round profile. The Kohler Puretide is a great round choice for its simple design, quick installation, and Quick-Attach hardware that makes cleaning a breeze. With a single, self-cleaning wand, the seat is relatively maintenance free. The manually operated handle also requires no batteries and electric hookups to operate.

The seat comes with Kohler’s Quick-Attach hardware that allows you to remove the seat when cleaning the rest of the toilet. This is helpful when you need to clean hard to reach areas like the space in between the seat and toilet. Grip-Tight bumpers also keep the seat secure when in use.


Best Elongated Bidet Seat: American Standard AquaWash Seat

Adding a bidet seat to your toilet is a great way to promote good hygiene after using the bathroom. Bidet seats often do a better job at cleaning your posterior than toilet paper at a more economical price. While many bidet seats are designed for the less-common round toilet profile, the American Standard AquaWash Seat sits squarely on elongated toilets for a tight and secure fit.

This bidet seat adds a lot of unique features to your toilet without requiring any electrical connection. Installing this seat to the top of your toilet will add a single water jet for posterior cleaning. The jet includes detachable nozzles for easy cleaning and an adjustable spray pattern to fit different body sizes and shapes. The seat attaches and detaches with ease, so you can remove it when cleaning the toilet for better results.

What to Look for in a Bidet Toilet Seat


Bidets come in two shapes: elongated and round. Choose whatever shape matches your toilet, though you’ll likely find that elongated shapes are more common today. 



It’s worth paying for a model with temperature control and adjustable jets for comfort. Features like UV lights, heated seats, and deodorizers are less necessary but great to have if you can swing it in your budget.


Remote control vs. panel:

Even though a remote control is a nice upgrade, an organized control panel is sufficient for everyday use and may ultimately be easier for guests to operate.

Why You Should Buy a Bidet

If you’ve traveled outside the United States, you’ve likely been in a bathroom with a bidet. Whether or not you used this puzzling porcelain device or had the faintest notion of its purpose is another matter.


In brief, a bidet is a fixture equipped with a water stream meant for post-toilet personal hygiene. It’s a common sight in bathrooms throughout Europe and Asia. In Japan, where bathing is a revered ritual, nearly every home boasts a toilet with a built-in bidet, a modern hybrid that’s become a must-have amenity in many luxury hotel bathrooms.


All of which makes America’s cluelessness about bidets even more confusing, especially considering how aggressively scrubbed and germ-free we’re taught to be.

Fun Fact

In Italy, bidet installation has been mandatory since 1975. They’re now a staple feature in the majority of private and hotel bathrooms. 

Green Advantages

But like other green energy advocates, Vartan’s fondness for bidets goes beyond basic hygiene. Many eco-conscious folks argue that bidets help conserve trees by cutting back on the manufacture and overuse of toilet paper. What’s more, bidets save water—not only what is required to make that toilet paper, but also the countless gallons Americans squander showering when the quick-yet-thorough cleanup a bidet provides may be all that’s necessary.


Health Benefits

Folks with certain medical issues might be missing even more by not installing a bidet in their homes. Conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease or hemorrhoids can make the use of toilet paper inefficient or uncomfortable. Instead, a bidet’s gentle stream can provide soothing relief and thorough cleaning. Pregnant women and those with reduced mobility may also find that a bidet with an electronic keypad control helps reduce unnecessary stretching and straining.


Types of Bidets

While the numerous advantages of a bidet may sound appealing, the installation of an additional fixture in your bathroom may be out of the question. Fortunately, there are all sorts of options you can buy that don’t require a complete remodel including “smart toilets” with built-in bidet functions. You’ll also find several high-quality seats and handheld attachments on the market that provide add-on bidet functions to an existing toilet.

    • Toilets with integrated bidets: Most of today’s high-tech toilets incorporate a bidet function along with all sorts of pampering features. Toto’s compact Washlet G500 comes with a built-in deodorizer, sensor-activated lid opener, and hands-free automatic flusher.
    • Bidet seats: Easy to install and simple to use, a bidet seat instantly converts your toilet into a high-tech throne. With electronic models, the touch of a button extends a small nozzle beneath you that sprays a comfortable stream of warm, aerated water. When you’re done, the nozzle automatically cleans itself before retracting back into its sleeve. Many models also come with heated seats and air dryers, while some, including the popular Brondell Swash 1000, also boast energy-efficient tankless water heating systems. There are several eco-conscious, non-electric bidet seats as well. These require only water pressure to operate and tend to be less expensive than their electric and battery-operated counterparts.
    • Bidet attachments: These very affordable, easy-to-install products are mounted to the underside of an existing toilet seat and require no batteries or electricity to operate. The BioBidet Elite 3 connects to your toilet’s fresh water supply line and features front, rear, and nozzle cleaning modes. However, do keep in mind that the water isn’t heated.
  • Handheld Bidets: Similar in price to bidet attachments, these models resemble handheld shower sprays. Brondell’s CleanSpa can be installed on virtually any toilet with an external water supply.
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