Smart Toilet Seat Review

Will a smart toilet seat change your life? That’s up to you to decide, but it will certainly make a big difference in one of the necessities of your life.

This technology hasn’t changed since the 19th century, but what we’re seeing is the next step up and making it more modern.

Best Smart Toilet Seats

Are you looking for an honest smart toilet seat review for your next project? Or trying the see if the best smart toilet seats are really worth it?

Whatever your motive, read on:

While most household items and interior décor have had series of upgrades in terms of style, design and technology over the years, the toilet seat relatively remains untouched.

Well, not until recently.
The best smart toilet seats are the ones that boast futuristic details yet giving the user a comfortable experience while at it. If you’re planning to upgrade your home there are few things that give your home an instant style upgrade like some of the best smart toilet seats in the market today.

What is smart toilet seat?

The most advanced form of electric toilet seats is where this stuff gets REAL. A smart toilet seat combines several functions into one unit, packed with as much tech as your phone and probably costing as much, if not more. Smart toilet seats start at $200 and the price can go to infinity and beyond for the really advanced stuff.

But is a smart electric toilet seat worth it? Absolutely, this technology is going to keep catching on and eventually will be used more and more in the U.S.As the world has gotten smaller and it’s easier to travel, it’s been increasing in popularity across the board. And as people install them in their homes, their friends find out about them and spread the word.

The main things that differentiate a smart toilet are programmability and multiple functions. A smart toilet seat usually includes a bidet and a heated seat element, along with the ability to customize each to your preferences — even the ability to program multiple users. Some spray cleaner into the toilet bowl before and after each use, raise and lower at the touch of a button, and spray warm air to comfort your bottom and air freshener to comfort your nostrils.

Smart toilet seats vary by brand but may include additional functions you’re probably already using your phone for in the bathroom anyway. We’re talking music playing, environmental control (if you have a smart home), the works. And some have features you probably never even thought of, such as white noise generation to cancel out certain biological noises.

A smart toilet seat also commonly known as a bidet seat in Japan is a “stratified” toilet seat. They are designed with features that are practical and functional thus playing some of the roles you would play while using the toilet or making it easier for you to complete such a process.

To understand this concept, you need to see some of the features that make a toilet seat smart below.

Common features of the best kind of smart toilet seats

  • Automated cleaning functions
  • You can flush without touching them
  • Heating helps keep the toilet seat comfortable during cold periods
  • Night lighting to help you navigate toilet use in the dark
  • Remote adjustable front and rear cleanse mode
  • Remote adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Air dryer
  • Deodorizer

Smart toilet seat review: Is a smart electric toilet seat worth it?

These features will save you time and stress- for example, in a home where there is a member who is always guilty of forgetting to flush the toilet, the smart flushing system will get the job done.

So also because your hands are likely going to remain unused while in the loo, the chances of you picking up nasty disease-causing bugs are greatly reduced.

Another important advantage to this kind of toilet seats is that they help you cut cost on your utilities by helping you save water and electricity. They are designed to adjust the usage of utilities to what is required to complete the task.

With these benefits above, you stand the chance of getting value for your money’s worth. And when you consider the health benefits as well as the environmental and economic benefits, it won’t be long before you recoup your initial investment spent on the purchase.

The price range of the smart toilet seats

The price of a smart toilet seat starts from as low as about $200 to as high as you can imagine, However, there is always a price for every budget just like with most consumer goods. Prices depend on the brand and feature present.