Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat 2024 Guide: Best Portable Toilet

Heading out on the open road in your recreational vehicle or trailer is an amazing way to see the country. But staying comfortable on long trips means having access to toilet facilities. Carrying your own portable camping toilet allows the convenience of a restroom wherever you travel.

In this 2024 guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the best trailer hitch toilet seat for your RV lifestyle.

Benefits of a Trailer Hitch Toilet

Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat

Installing a hitch-mounted toilet on your travel trailer provides some great benefits:

  • Convenience – Have a bathroom ready wherever you go without having to disconnect or move the trailer.
  • Privacy – Use the toilet privately without going into campground facilities.
  • Comfort – Familiar toilet in your own trailer avoids dirty/unsanitary public restrooms.
  • Self-containment – Toilet is completely separate from trailer systems for restroom independence.
  • Flexible access – Position the hitch toilet at rear or side door for easy use entering/exiting.
  • No tank filling – Unlike built-in toilets, the hitch unit won’t fill your black and grey tanks.
  • Weight savings – Light external unit avoids adding bathroom weight to the trailer body.

With the freedom to relieve yourself comfortably on any outdoor adventure, hitch toilets are a great enhancement for RVs and trailers.

Types of Trailer Hitch Toilets

Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat

There are two main categories of hitch-mounted toilets:

Cassette Toilets

Cassette toilets have removable waste tanks that slide out like drawers for dumping and rinsing. They use freshwater to flush into the removable tank.


  • Self-contained, removable waste tank
  • Freshwater system provides normal flush
  • Tank level gauges to monitor waste


  • Emptying cassette often required
  • More expensive than basic portable toilets

Portable Camping Toilets

Portable Camping Toilets

Basic portable toilets are low-cost toilet seats with an attached holding tank below. Some use removable bucket-style tanks.


  • Very affordable purchase cost
  • Simple and lightweight plastic construction


  • No freshwater flush, requires manually adding water
  • Emptying/cleaning waste tank is messier

When deciding between cassette or portable hitch toilets, consider your budget, desired features, and waste management preference.

Key Features to Look For

Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat

Keep these key considerations in mind when selecting the best trailer hitch toilet:

Toilet Seat Comfort

Look for a toilet seat design that feels stable and mimics a residential-style toilet with comfortable height. Seek a durable high-impact plastic seat that won’t crack or degrade.

Tank Size

Bigger tank capacity means less frequent dumping. Aim for 5+ gallon capacity for the waste tank. Also look for large freshwater tanks on cassette models.

Level Indicators

Viewing windows or electronic sensors showing waste tank level help avoid overflows. This allows emptying at the right intervals.

Flushing Mechanism

Cassette models should have a sturdy flush lever or pedal. Portables require manually adding water. Seek good water flow into the bowl.

Easy Waste Removal

Waste tanks should slide out or detach cleanly without spilling. Look for large openings and integrated wheels on tanks.


Ensure the toilet is made from molded plastic/fiberglass able to handle bumpy roads and outdoor conditions. Check hitch stability.

Deodorizing Chemicals

Built-in dispensers that automatically release chemicals help contain odors in the waste tank.

Prioritize products with the most practical features for your personal toilet needs on the road.

The 6 Best Trailer Hitch Toilets of 2024

Here are my top picks for the best trailer hitch toilets this year based on value, features, and ease of use:

Best Cassette Toilets

ProductTank CapacityWeightSpecial Features
Thetford Cassette Porta Potti4.8 gal11 lbsLevel indicators, rotating pour-out spout
Dometic 300 Series8.5 gal12 lbsBattery-powered flush, huge tank
Camco Premium5.3 gal11 lbsSide latch locks, bellows flush

Best Portable Toilets

ProductTank CapacityWeightSpecial Features
Camco Travel Toilet5.3 gal11 lbsDetachable locking tank, side latches
Thetford Portable Toilet5 gal9 lbsBasic and affordable, carrying handle
Generic Portable Toilet5 gal7 lbsVery cheap, double-sealed tank

Let’s dive into a detailed comparison of these top-rated hitch toilets for trailers and RVs.

Thetford Cassette Porta Potti

Thetford Cassette Porta Potti
  • Overview: A high quality European-designed cassette toilet known for reliability. Used in RVs and boats worldwide.
  • Capacity: 4.8 gallon removable waste tank. Enough for about 56 flushes.
  • Features: Level indicators to monitor tank volume, battery-powered flush, rotating pour-out spout, enclosed valve to block odors.
  • Benefits: Trusted global brand reputation and sleek appearance. Good size waste tank. Handy tank level gauges.
  • Drawbacks: Smaller flush tank and overall capacity compared to other models. A bit pricey.
  • Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with the classic Thetford cassette toilet for a modestly sized, user-friendly unit.

Dometic 300 Series

Dometic 300 Series
  • Overview: A high capacity cassette toilet designed for frequent use. Feature-packed.
  • Capacity: 8.5 gallon tank, with 3 liter flush water reservoir. Huge capacity.
  • Features: Battery-powered flushing uses foot pedal or push button. Tandem piston pump gives strong flush. Tank level indicator.
  • Benefits: The largest waste tank for extended off-grid use. No need to manually fill flush water. Very sturdy and well-constructed unit.
  • Drawbacks: Bulkier and heavier than other models. Higher price tag.
  • Bottom Line: This beastly Dometic toilet can handle heavy usage with its mammoth tank and strong flush – ideal for many users.

Camco Premium

Camco Premium
  • Overview: A mid-range cassette model with convenient design. Jam-free tank release.
  • Capacity: 5.3 gallon holding tank with bellows hand flush. Around 50 uses per tank.
  • Features: Locking side latch keeps tank secure. Rotating pour-out spout. Odorless seal valves. Attaches to standard RV gate valve.
  • Benefits: Latch system prevents jammed sliding release. Bellows flush gives good water flow. Takes up minimal space.
  • Drawbacks: Flush water reservoir could be larger. No level indicator.
  • Bottom Line: For a reliable cassette toilet with handy side latches and bellows flush, Camco Premium is a great choice.

Camco Travel Toilet

Camco Travel Toilet
  • Overview: A portable hitch toilet with detachable waste tank. Basic and affordable.
  • Capacity: 5.3 gallon holding tank. Enough for 5-7 days of use.
  • Features: Locking sliding tank detaches for easy dumping and cleaning. Side latches minimize accidental release. Sealing slide valve.
  • Benefits: Good compromise of portability and large capacity. Straightforward manual flushing. Low purchase cost.
  • Drawbacks: No flush water reservoir or battery-powered features. Must add water manually.
  • Bottom Line: As a basic portable trailer toilet with large detachable tank, the Camco Travel Toilet provides excellent value.

Thetford Portable Toilet

Thetford Portable Toilet
  • Overview: Among the most popular and affordable portable trailer toilets. Simple manual flushing.
  • Capacity: 5 gallon waste holding tank. Roughly 40 to 60 uses.
  • Features: Single pistol flush with manual adding water. Rotating pour-out spout. Side carry handle.
  • Benefits: Very low cost. Lightweight and compact. Simple to use with manual flushing.
  • Drawbacks: No tank level indicator. Cheaper plastic construction.
  • Bottom Line: For a basic no-frills portable toilet, Thetford’s offering checks all the boxes on a tight budget.

Generic Portable Toilet

Generic Portable Toilet
  • Overview: The most budget-friendly pick. Barebones portable toilet.
  • Capacity: 5 gallon waste tank capacity.
  • Features: Completely manual adding water to flush. Double sealed drain valve. Side latches.
  • Benefits: Extremely low purchase price. Achieves basic functionality for the cost.
  • Drawbacks: No features or gauges. Cheap overall construction quality.
  • Bottom Line: While limited in bells and whistles, this generic portable toilet provides essential functionality if cost is the top priority.

Hitch Toilet Buying Advice

Follow this advice when picking the best trailer hitch toilet:

  • Choose cassette over portable for flushing and larger tanks
  • Prioritize larger waste holding capacity
  • Seek level gauges and strong flush design
  • Ensure accessible cleanout and removable tank
  • Check construction quality and warranty
  • Select durable plastic seat for comfort
  • Read multiple reviews to compare quality
  • Consider included accessories like TP holders, carrying case
  • Measure space at mounting location, check hitch compatibility
  • Install insulation around waste valve in very cold climates

Researching your options thoroughly and evaluating your needs will lead you to the perfect hitch toilet model for your travel trailer lifestyle.

Installing Your Trailer Hitch Toilet

Mounting your new hitch toilet under your trailer is a straightforward project:

Supplies Needed:

  • Hitch toilet unit
  • 1.25″ or 2″ trailer hitch receiver (matches toilet)
  • Metal hitch mounting brackets
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screws or rivets for brackets
  • Water hose for water inlet connection
  • RV gate valve for outlet
  • Sealant/tape for plumbing connections

Installation Steps:

  1. Bolt metal brackets onto the hitch receiver and toilet frame to attach securely.
  2. Insert assembled hitch toilet into receiver on trailer.
  3. For cassette models, connect freshwater supply hose to inlet.
  4. Attach output valve to trailer underbelly or drainage pipes.
  5. Use sealant and clamps at all connection joints.
  6. Test toilet operation and check for leaks.
  7. Replace tank(s) and empty as needed after use.

And enjoy your new freedom and comfort with a hitch-mounted toilet!

FAQs About Trailer Hitch Toilets

How do you empty and clean a hitch toilet?

Remove the waste tank, empty contents responsibly, rinse tank thoroughly including seals, and reinsert. Use RV cleaning chemicals as needed.

Where should the hitch toilet outlet drain to?

Run the outlet valve to your trailer’s grey tank inlet or sewage outlet system. Or drain directly below the trailer using a sewer hose.

Do hitch toilets require special care in winter?

Use RV antifreeze in the toilet and insulate/heat tape lines. Empty tanks after each trip to prevent cracking.

How much weight can a hitch receiver support?

Most class III and IV hitches can handle up to 500 lbs tow capacity. A toilet weighs 10-30 lbs.

Are hitch toilets available for rental?

Yes, some RV rental companies offer hitch toilets as add-ons. This allows testing before you buy.

Can I mount a hitch toilet to my truck instead?

Yes, mounting it in your truck bed using a hitch receiver allows the same benefits. Strap it down while driving.

Enjoy the Convenience of a Trailer Hitch Toilet on Your Adventures

Adding a hitch-mounted toilet provides a comfortable bathroom solution wherever your trailer goes. Evaluate the cassette versus portable styles and look for essential features like large tanks, strong flush design, and easy waste emptying. Any of the quality toilets reviewed above should serve you well on the road.

Safe travels and happy trails! Let me know if you have any other questions about outfitting your recreational vehicle or camper with a hitch toilet. I’m happy to provide additional advice.