Best Smart Toilets for the Elderly in 2024

For elderly and disabled individuals, using the restroom can be challenging. Smart toilets with features like automatic operation, heated seats, adjustable heights, and safety handles allow seniors to use the bathroom independently and comfortably.

This guide will cover how smart toilets benefit the elderly, key features to look for and provide detailed reviews of the top-rated smart toilet models for senior-friendly bathroom accessibility in 2024.

Benefits of Smart Toilets for Elderly Users

Here are some of the biggest benefits smart toilets provide for aging users:

  • Hands-free flushing – Motion sensors automatically flush the toilet. No need to reach down or push small buttons.
  • Heated seats – Warm toilet seats keep users comfortable when sitting for extended periods. Helpful for arthritis.
  • Bidet functions – Features like warm water spray, air drying, and deodorizing improve hygiene and reduce the need to wipe.
  • Comfortable heights – Adjustable heights and taller seating make sitting down and standing up easier. Reduce strain.
  • Safety features – Grips, rails and emergency call buttons provide stability and allow getting help if needed.
  • Automatic open/close lids – Lids open when approaching and close automatically. Reduces bending down.
  • Night lights – Illuminated bowls allow safe use at night. No more stumbling to the bathroom in the dark.

For seniors, the automated functions and age-friendly designs of smart toilets greatly increase bathroom comfort, safety, and independence compared to standard models.

Features to Look for in Smart Toilets for the Elderly

When choosing a smart toilet for an aging adult, here are the key senior-friendly features and capabilities to look for:

Adjustable Height – The ability to raise or lower the toilet height makes sitting down and standing up much easier. Look for height ranges of at least 15-20 inches.

Comfortable Seat Height – With the seat raised, maximum heights around 17-19 inches or higher take stress off knees and hips when using the toilet.

Elongated Bowl Design – Provides more room and prevents the need to lean forward. Ideal for those with back issues or mobility limitations.

Heated Seat – Warmed seats up to 100°F keep users comfortable when sitting for long periods. Helpful for arthritis.

Hands-Free Flushing – Motion-activated flushing allows use without having to reach down or push small buttons. Look for proximity sensors.

Automatic Open/Close Lid – Lids that open automatically when approaching the toilet and close when leaving make usage simpler.

Bidet Functions – Features like warm water spray, heating, and air drying improve hygiene and reduce need for extensive cleaning after use.

Grip Handles – Sturdy side grab bars and handles provide stability and support transferring on and off the toilet.

Easy Maintenance – Self-cleaning wands and antimicrobial surfaces simplify cleaning. Removable batteries allow easy replacement.

Warranty – Look for at least a 1-year warranty. Longer warranties provide more protection for the higher investment.

Prioritizing these key features will ensure you choose a smart toilet that serves the accessibility needs of the elderly user while also providing the highest level of comfort and convenience.

Best Smart Toilet Reviews for Seniors

Here are in-depth reviews of some of the top-rated smart toilets for elderly and accessible use in 2024:

Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet

Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet

Adjustability – Height adjusts from 15-20 inches, including seat.

Comfort Features – Heated seat, warm air dryer, LED night light, automatic open/close lid.

Bidet Functions – Adjustable water temperature, pressure, position, and pulsating spray. Air deodorizer.

Design – Elongated bowl, easy-clean surface, hands-free flushing, grip handle.

Extras – Built-in Bluetooth speaker, touchscreen remote, automatic flush after use.

Overview – Packed with senior-friendly features but extremely expensive. High-end luxury.

Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Smart Toilet

Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Smart Toilet

Adjustability – Height adjusts over 5 inches, from 16.5-21.5 inches.

Comfort Features – Heated seat, warm air dryer, adjustable heated water, night light

Bidet Functions – Adjustable water pressure, position, massage mode. Vortex water stream.

Design – Elongated bowl, wireless remote, side handle, proximity flushing.

Extras – Self-cleaning stainless steel wand, multi-stage filtration system.

Overview – Very customizable bidet functions. Lacks auto open/close seat but great value for the price.

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Toilet

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Toilet

Adjustability – Height adjusts over 3 inches, from 16-19 inches.

Comfort Features – Heated seat, warm air dryer, night light, adjustable heated water.

Bidet Functions – Adjustable water pressure, position, temperature, and nozzle position.

Design – Elongated bowl, proximity flushing, automated open/close lid.

Extras – Built-in air deodorizer, wireless remote, heated seat slim design.

Overview – Has all the key comfort and convenience features for elderly users at a mid-range price point.

American Standard Cadet Flowise Intelligent Toilet

American Standard Cadet Flowise Intelligent Toilet

Adjustability – Adjustable height from 15.5-19.5 inches.

Comfort Features – Heated seat, warm air dryer, LED night light, quiet-close lid.

Bidet Functions – Adjustable water pressure and temperature. Self-cleaning wand.

Design – ADA-compliant elongated bowl, right-side handle, FloWise flush technology.

Extras – Works with Alexa. Easy charge battery pack for bidet. Antimicrobial surface.

Overview – Provides senior-friendly adjustability and key features on a budget. Good value.

After reviewing the top models, the Bio Bidet BB-2000 stands out for its exceptional adjustability and customization of its therapeutic bidet functions while still being affordable. But any of these smart toilets will greatly improve accessibility and comfort.

Tips for Choosing a Smart Toilet for Elderly

Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the right smart toilet for your aging loved one:

  • Test different toilet heights to find the most comfortable and accessible height for standing and sitting.
  • Make sure controls are simple and that safety handles provide enough support and balance.
  • Compare the ranges of customizability for settings like water temperature and pressure.
  • Look for quiet operation and gentle closing lids if they startle easily.
  • Pick elongated bowl designs that give more room and require less bending.
  • Consider complementary accessories like grab bars, risers, and raised toilet seats.
  • Evaluate the size of the base to ensure it fits the current bathroom space.
  • Opt for warranties of at least 1 year for peace of mind with the higher investment.
  • Schedule professional installation if you are not able to assemble and install the smart toilet yourself.

Choosing a model that fits your senior’s specific mobility levels and needs will help ensure they can use the bathroom comfortably and safely.

Smart Toilets vs. Standard Toilets for Seniors

While more expensive, smart toilets provide major advantages over standard toilet models when it comes to elderly accessibility and support. Here are some of the key differences:

Height adjustability – Smart toilets allow you to raise or lower their height to the perfect level for the user. Standard toilets have a fixed height.

More comfortable seats – Smart toilets have heated seats that make sitting for long periods more comfortable. Their seats are also usually softer.

Hands-free flushing – Motion-activated flushing on smart toilets allows use without having to twist knobs or press buttons.

Automated functions – Features like auto-open lids and self-cleaning wands simplify the bathroom routine.

Bidet functions – From adjustable warm water cleaning to air drying, smart toilet bidets greatly improve post-use hygiene.

Safety features – Smart toilets include grip bars and even emergency call buttons not found on standard models.

While more expensive initially, smart toilets can greatly improve bathroom accessibility and safety for elderly users. The long-term benefits are well worth the higher investment.

Smart Toilet Alternatives for a Budget

If you don’t have the budget for a full smart toilet, here are some lower-cost alternatives that can still improve accessibility:

Add-on bidet seats – Affordable bidet attachments like Brondell Swash provide warmth, water cleaning, and drying. Easily install on existing toilets.

Raised toilet seat – Raises the sitting height of the toilet 5-6 inches higher for less than $100. Helps mobility.

Toilet safety rails – Grab rails around $50 bolster stability getting on and off the toilet. Clamp-on styles require no drilling.

Motion-flush adapters – Devices like Flushmate iQ add hands-free flushing action to manual toilets for around $200.

Comfort height toilets – While not “smart”, comfort height models have taller 17-19 inch seats that aid use. Priced $200-500.

Heated seat kits – Seat bidets like WarmSeat add a heated seat for warmth and comfort. Range from $150-300.

Night lights – Simple plug-in toilet night lights cost just $10-20 and provide safe illumination in the dark.

ADA-compliant seats – Available around $100-200, ADA-approved toilet seats improve accessibility with appropriate seat height, shape and opening/closing force.

While not as advanced as smart toilets, these add-ons can help boost safety, comfort and accessibility for much less cost if needed.

Smart Toilet Pros & Cons for the Elderly

Here is a quick look at the main pros and cons of smart toilets for seniors:


  • Improve bathroom accessibility and mobility
  • Automate functions like flushing and opening/closing lids
  • Keep users comfortable with heated seats and adjustable temperatures
  • Safer with grab bars, night lights, and emergency call functions
  • Improve post-use hygiene with warm water cleaning and drying
  • Easy to clean with self-cleaning wands and antimicrobial surfaces


  • More expensive than standard toilets, though prices are coming down
  • Require electrical outlet which may require wiring installation
  • May require some learning curve to understand all features
  • There could be maintenance issues if electronics fail or batteries lose charge
  • Certain luxury features like Bluetooth speakers add cost but minimal benefit

Ultimately for elderly individuals, the increased safety and accessibility smart toilets provide usually make them well worth the investment over standard models.


Smart toilets greatly enhance comfort, hygiene, and accessibility for aging adults and those with mobility challenges. Key features like height adjustability, comfortable elongated seats, heated seats, automated operation, and bidet functions reduce pain and strain while creating a more independent, safe, and sanitary bathroom routine.

After testing models in person, consider your senior’s specific mobility and accessibility needs and bathroom space. This will allow you to select the smart toilet that best matches their requirements within your budget. With their senior-tailored designs, smart toilets can extend an elderly person’s ability to use the restroom comfortably and independently for years to come.