Gerber Avalanche Toilet Review (2024)

The Gerber Avalanche is a popular and highly-rated toilet known for its powerful and efficient flushing system. This toilet combines contemporary style with innovative engineering to deliver robust flushing performance.

In this 2024 review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features, pros and cons, and real user reviews of the Gerber Avalanche toilet. We’ll also see how it compares to other top toilets to help you decide if the Avalanche is the right choice for your bathroom.

Overview of the Gerber Avalanche Toilet

Gerber Avalanche Toilet Review

The Gerber Avalanche is a two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl design and comfortable height seating. Key features include:

  • Powerful Flush: Uses a pressure-assisted flush system to produce a strong siphon during flushing. Delivers a maximum flush of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).
  • WaterSense Certified: Meets EPA criteria for water efficiency and performance. Uses at least 20% less water than standard 1.6 GPF toilets.
  • Comfort Height: Bowl height is 16.5” from floor to seat top, making it ADA-compliant and easier to sit on and stand up from.
  • Elongated Bowl: An oval-shaped bowl offers more room and comfort than a round front bowl.
  • Fully Glazed Trapway: A smoother, less porous surface prevents waste buildup and is easier to keep clean.
  • Contemporary Style: Neutral two-tone color options complement various bathroom styles.

The Avalanche toilet comes in multiple color combinations, like white and bone or black and bone. The model number for the Avalanche is 28-400.

Next, let’s look at the pros and cons of this toilet.

Gerber Avalanche Pros and Cons

Here are some of the main advantages and potential drawbacks of the Gerber Avalanche toilet:


  • Powerful and effective flushing performance
  • Low water usage per flush
  • Easy to keep clean with glazed tramway
  • Comfort height and elongated bowl
  • Quiet flush compared to older pressure-assist models
  • Stylish low-profile design
  • Good value for the price
  • Durable vitreous China construction
  • Gerber is a reliable major plumbing brand


  • Pressure-assisted flush is noisier than gravity flush types
  • Flush can be too strong and splash at times
  • Seat not included must buy separately
  • Some users report issues with leaking or cracking
  • Supply line not included with purchase

The powerful flush and water efficiency make the Avalanche a great choice for homes. The added bowl space provides comfort. Downsides are the potential for a noisy flush and you’ll need to purchase a seat separately.

Gerber Avalanche Features and Specs

Here are some key specs and measurements for the Gerber Avalanche toilet:

Bowl ShapeElongated
Flush TypePressure-Assist
Water Usage1.6 GPF
Trapway2-1/8” Fully Glazed
Bowl Height16-1/2” (ADA Comfort Height)
Seat HeightNo Seat Included
Dimensions28.75” x 15” x 30.75”
Weight119 lbs
WarrantyLimited 5-Year

Some additional details to note:

  • Meets latest EPA WaterSense criteria for high efficiency toilets
  • Exceeds standards for flushing performance established by ASME
  • Uses a standard 12” rough-in with 10” rough valve supply
  • Compatible with Gerber Viper toilet hardware system

With these specs in mind, this Gerber toilet is designed to fit the needs of most residential bathrooms. Next we’ll look at some real homeowner reviews.

Gerber Avalanche Toilet Reviews

The Gerber Avalanche earns very positive reviews for its flushing power, low water use, ease of cleaning, and comfortable height seating. Here are some snippets of real reviewer feedback:

“This toilet flushes amazingly – no clogs even with huge loads!”

“Water bill decreased noticeably after installing this, so it helps save water.”

“Super easy to keep clean compared to our old stained toilet.”

“Much more comfortable than a standard height toilet, especially as I’m getting older.”

“Looks very nice with the two-tone modern style.”

However, some reviewers did report some downsides:

“It is quite loud when flushing, so not ideal for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.”

“The toilet rocked a little until I tightened the bolts down fully.”

“Bowl stains easier than expected and required more frequent cleaning.”

Overall though, with a 4.5 out of 5 star average across major retailer sites, most owners are very satisfied with the performance, value, and design of this Gerber pressure-assisted toilet.

Gerber Avalanche vs. Other Toilets

Gerber Avalanche Toilet

How does the Gerber Avalanche compare to other top-rated and popular toilets? Here’s a rundown of how it stacks up against some key competitors:

Gerber Avalanche vs. Toto Drake II: The Toto Drake II is another efficient and powerful pressure-assist toilet. It comes in at a higher price point than the Avalanche but with similar quality and performance. Owners report the Drake II has a quieter, less startling flush.

Gerber Avalanche vs. American Standard Champion 4: The Champion 4 is a gravity flush toilet that beats the Avalanche in quietness but can’t match its raw flushing power. It sometimes requires double flushing where the Avalanche gets the job done on the first try. The Avalanche’s taller bowl height is also more comfortable.

Gerber Avalanche vs. Kohler Highline: For a more affordable gravity flush option, the Kohler Highline gets good marks. However it doesn’t have as strong a flush or convenient height as the Avalanche. The Highline seat and supply line are included though, unlike with the Avalanche model.

Gerber Avalanche vs. Toto Aquia IV: The Aquia IV is a dual-flush eco-friendly toilet with quieter gravity flush. Like the Avalanche, it has a stylish two-tone look. The Aquia is significantly more expensive but offers the lowest water usage with selective half or full-flush options.

Is the Gerber Avalanche Right for You?

The Gerber Avalanche is an excellent toilet overall, but weigh up these factors to decide if it’s right for your bathroom:

Budget: The Avalanche provides performance and features on par with more expensive models for an affordable price. For budget buyers, it’s a great value choice.

Water Efficiency: With its 1.6 GPF WaterSense rating, the Avalanche excels at saving water versus older 3.5+ GPF models. For max eco-savings, a dual flush model uses slightly less water.

Powerful Flushing: If you demand the most powerful DIY home flushing, the Avalanche’s pressure-assisted system is hard to beat in terms of bowl-clearing vigor.

Comfort Height: The ADA-compliant taller seat makes the Avalanche a great choice for accessibility needs or tall/elderly users who benefit from the chair-height seating position.

Noise Level: While not excessively loud, the pressure-assisted flush does produce more noise than a gravity toilet. If sound is a concern, opt for a quieter gravity flush model instead.

Weighing your specific needs against the Avalanche’s strengths and compromises will determine if this is your ideal match. It combines performance, value, comfort, and style in one complete toilet package.

Gerber Avalanche Toilet Review Conclusion

This in-depth 2024 review looked at the key specs, features, pros and cons, real user feedback, and competitive comparisons for the Gerber Avalanche toilet.

The main takeaways:

  • Delivers robust flushing power with a maximum 1.6 GPF water usage and fully glazed trap way
  • Comfort height and elongated bowl provide added room and easier usage
  • Neutral two-tone style fits a range of bathroom designs
  • Overall excellent value for price based on performance and features
  • Some user feedback cites issues with noise level and potential leaks

For shoppers seeking a complete high-efficiency toilet with modern style and powerful performance, the Gerber Avalanche is a leading choice. It brings comfort, value, and dependable flushing to the contemporary bathroom.