Gerber Ultra Flush UL-20-318 toilet Review

Gerber Ultra Flush UL-20-318 toilet Review

The Gerber Ultra Flush UL-20-318 is part of the Toilet test program. In our lab tests, Toilet models like the Ultra Flush UL-20-318 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Solid waste removal: The ability to move simulated waste through the bowl and trap.

Noise: Flush quietness without the seat.

Bowl cleaning: How well flushing cleaned the bowl’s front and sides.

Solid waste removal


   Bowl cleaning 


    Very Good


Very Good

This Gerber single flush toilet has

  • An elongated bowl.
  • A height is greater than 16″ from floor to rim (ADA compliant).
  • Seat not included
  • Excellent for solid waste removal
  • Excellent for saving water

Harness the power of the ultimate flushing machine with an Ultra Flush® 1.0 gpf (3.8 Lpf) Pressure Assist Toilet. Boasting top of the line professional performance, its unique rim provides complete rinsing coverage with every flush.

Gerber Ultra Flush Elongated Siphon Jet Toilet Bowl Only, Whit

The tank uses a pressure vessel that releases compressed air in a downward path and forces water into the bowl, pushing waste out of the bowl and down the drain line. An exclusive six-point tank to bowl mounting system creates precise contact for superior stability and is designed to be tightened without tools!


  • 17″ Tall, ErgoHeight ADA Elongated Bowl for added comfort and ease of seating
  • Chrome, Metal Tank Lever
  • Large, 2″ fully glazed trap way for clog-free waste removal
  • Dual fed siphon jets increases the speed and power of the flush, for a quick and clean bowl every time
  • Generous water surface to thoroughly rinse the bowl with each flush
  • 1.1 gpf (4 Lpf), saves over 30% more water per year (vs 1.6 gpf/6 Lpf toilet)
  • Two-piece toilet
  • 12″ Rough-in
  • WaterSense® certified, Ultra High-Efficiency Toilet (UHET) to save over 30% more water (vs 1.6 gpf/6 Lpf toilet) and money!
  • 10-year warranty on Pressure Vessel, Limited Lifetime Warranty on Vitreous China
  • Double nut, multi-point tank-to-bowl mounting system for easy installation without breakage
  • Non-Sweating Insulated Tank
  • Toilet seat not included

Resists soil and odor


Resists drain line clogs   


Comfort height




Gallons per flush


This Gerber single flush toilet was very good in overall performance.

  • Excellent for solid waste removal
  • Excellent for saving water
  • Fair for noise