Kohler vs American Standard Toilets: Which is Better?

When investing in a new toilet, Kohler and American Standard are two of the biggest and most reputable brands. But which offers the better toilets overall? This comprehensive comparison of Kohler vs American Standard toilets will dive into the key differences in quality, features, technology, and performance.

Overview of Kohler and American Standard

First, let’s look at quick overviews of these two toilet titans:


  • Founded: 1873 in Kohler, Wisconsin
  • Owned by: Kohler Co.
  • Headquarters: Kohler, Wisconsin
  • Key innovations: First tank lever, H2Option dual-flush, touchless flushing
  • Product lines: Numerous, including Cimarron, Highline, Wellworth, Santa Rosa, Tresham
  • Price range: $$-$$$$
  • Known for: Elegant designs, wide range of styles, innovative features

American Standard

  • Founded: 1875 as Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co. in Pittsburgh
  • Owned by: LIXIL Corporation
  • Headquarters: Piscataway, New Jersey
  • Key innovations: Champion flushing system, EverClean surface, VorMax flushing
  • Product lines: Champion, Cadet, Colony, Mainstream, Town Square
  • Price range: $-$$$
  • Known for: Reliable performance, affordable prices, PowerWash technology

Now let’s compare the two brands across some key factors:

Toilet Construction Quality

The quality of the materials and construction plays a big role in the durability and longevity of a toilet.

KohlerAmerican Standard
Vitreous china material is high-gloss and stain-resistantUses vitreous china that resists chips, stains, bacteria
Seats solidly on the floor with excellent balanced weightVery sturdy, balanced construction
Tanks and bowls are covered by a limited lifetime warranty5-10 year limited warranties on tank/bowl
High-impact plastic or wood seats with stainless steel hingesDurable plastic or wood seats
Exposed trip levers made of metalChrome-plated metal trip levers
Available two-piece and one-piece modelsTwo-piece and one-piece toilets

Both brands construct their toilets from durable vitreous china and high-quality components. Kohler offers more comprehensive lifetime warranties while American Standard provides solid standard 5-10 year warranties.

Flushing Performance

Flushing power and effectiveness is a top priority for homeowners. Here is how Kohler and American Standard compare:

KohlerAmerican Standard
Offers single flush 1.6 gpf toiletsCombo of pressurized water and a wide trapway prevents clogs
Powerful Class Five flushing technologyChampion 4 flushing system provides clog-free performance
Canister flushing design for 360° cleaningPowerWash rim scrubs bowl with each flush
AquaPiston canister allows water to flow 360° for superb siphoningJets deliver water powerfully from a 3″ flush valve
Most models provide strong bulk waste removalCombo of pressurized water and wide trapway prevents clogs

Both brands excel at delivering clog-free flushing power, even for larger waste loads. Kohler uses a unique canister inside the tank while American Standard employs a wide tramway and pressurized jet design. Overall flushing effectiveness is comparable.

Water Efficiency

Water conservation is key for modern toilets. Here’s how Kohler and American Standard toilets measure up:

KohlerAmerican Standard
Provides both 1.6 gpf and 1.28 gpf high-efficiency modelsWaterSense-certified models available
Dual-flush toilets allow partial flush up to 1.1 gpfDual flush H2Option models offer partial flush up to 1.1 gpf
Low-flow models still provide robust siphon actionChampion 4 system maintains power with less water
Older 3.5 gpf models still sold in some areasOlder 3.5 gpf models still available in some regions
Range of WaterSense certified high-efficiency toiletsRange of WaterSense certified high efficiency toilets

When it comes to water conservation, the two brands are comparable, both offering high-efficiency 1.28 gpf models alongside older 1.6 gpf options. Overall water savings are excellent with either brand.

Toilet Bowl Features

Toilet bowl shape, design, and size all affect the user experience. Here are key contrasts between Kohler and American Standard:

KohlerAmerican Standard
Elongated, round front, and compact bowl optionsProvides both elongated and round front bowls
Trending towards sleeker, more elongated bowlsTraditional round bowl designs remain popular
Offers chair height and comfort height optionsComfort height models maximize ease of use
Range of standard and larger bowl capacitiesStandard 12″ rough-in size
Rectangular tanks allow more knee roomEfficient tank shape maximizes knee space
Quiet-close seats prevent loud slammingSlow-close lids available to prevent slamming

Kohler pulls ahead with more variety in bowl shapes, heights, and capacities to fit any space. Both make use of space-saving tank designs for more comfortable seating.

Available Smart Features

Smart toilets with advanced tech features are becoming more popular. Here are some of the standout options from Kohler and American Standard:

KohlerAmerican Standard
Touchless and remote operations are availableOffers touch-free flush activation
Nightlights and antimicrobial colorsBuilt-in antimicrobial properties
Numi model has Bluetooth, Amazon AlexaConnects with home automation systems
Dynamix self-cleaning wand on some modelsEverClean surface resists mold and mildew
Kohler Konnect app monitors usageNot as many smart features yet

Kohler offers the widest array of smart toilet options like touchless flushing, mood lighting, and app connectivity. American Standard has focused more on internal sanitary improvements over high-tech conveniences so far.

Design Aesthetics


Kohler vs American Standard Toilets

The style and look of your new toilet are also important. Here is how Kohler and American Standard toilets compare aesthetically:

KohlerAmerican Standard
Sleek, modern curved designsTraditional, conservative straight lines
Artistic lines and embellished detailsMore basic and understated
Wide palette of color optionsMostly standard white color models
Numerous two-tone color combosSome two-tone toilet designs available
Unique shapes like French curve frontFocus more on function over form

American Standard Toilets

Kohler vs American Standard Toilets

Kohler offers much more variety and customization when it comes to toilet style and design elements. American Standard takes a more straightforward, traditional approach to their aesthetics.

Pricing Differences

Here is an overview of pricing for each brand:

KohlerAmerican Standard
Tank toilets $160-$790Tank toilets $110-$530
One-piece models $415-$1,075One-piece models $300-$1,200
High-end smart toilets over $5,000Most models under $600
Higher average pricing overallVery affordable lower-end options

American Standard has more budget-friendly toilet options under $200, while Kohler excels at high-end designs priced over $500. Shoppers can find decent mid-range choices with either brand.

Best Selling Models

Here are some of the top-selling models from Kohler and American Standard:

Best Selling Kohler Toilets

  • Cimarron: Popular, affordable two-piece toilet with efficient 1.28 gpf flush
  • Highline: Classic tall toilet design with comfortable height seating
  • Wellworth: Powerful dual-flush performance with WaterSense certification
  • Santa Rosa: Compact one-piece with elongated bowl and AquaPiston flush
  • Tresham: Unique two-piece with decorative tank and 1.28 gpf flush

Best Selling American Standard Toilets

  • Cadet 3: Reliable flushing performance at a great value
  • Champion 4: Powerful one-piece clog-free flushing at 1.6 gpf
  • Colony: Soft-close seat and PowerWash rim with EverClean surface
  • Mainstream: Affordable 1.6 gpf classic toilet with good bowl clearance
  • Town Square: Sleek one-piece dual flush design with right height bowl

Both brands offer best-selling models across a range of features and budgets. High-efficiency flushing and comfortable seat heights are popular options.

In-Depth Feature Comparison

To summarize the key differences in toilet features:

FeatureKohlerAmerican Standard
Bowl typesElongated, round-front, compactElongated, round-front
Bowl shapeElongated, French curve, rectangularTraditional oval
HeightsStandard, chair, comfortStandard, comfort
Auto-flushMotion-activated, touchless availableTouch-free flushing models
Water usage1.6 gpf, 1.28 gpf, dual-flush1.6 gpf, 1.28 gpf, dual-flush
Flushing techClass Five, AquaPiston canisterChampion 4, PowerWash rim
SeatsQuiet-close, quick-releaseSlow-close seats
ColorsNumerous color optionsMostly white
Smart techKonnect app, Alexa voice controlAntimicrobial properties
WarrantyLimited lifetime on pottery5-10 years
Price range$$-$$$$$-$$$

Kohler offers greater variety in bowl shapes, heights, auto-features, colors, and smart tech overall. American Standard provides reliable quality and performance for excellent value.

Which is Better: Kohler or American Standard?

So which toilet brand comes out on top in this Kohler vs American Standard comparison? Here are some key takeaways:

  • Performance – Both brands excel at providing strong, clog-free flushing powered by 1.6 gpf or 1.28 gpf models. For most homeowners, the level of flushing effectiveness is comparable.
  • Features – Kohler pulls ahead in terms of offering the widest range of bowl types, heights, dual-flush options, auto-flush availability, colors, and smart technology features.
  • Quality – Again, both brands use durable vitreous china in their toilet construction. Kohler offers more comprehensive lifetime warranties. Overall build quality is excellent with both.
  • Price – American Standard has more budget-friendly models under $200. Kohler showcases more high-end designer options over $700. Shoppers can find decent mid-range choices from either brand.
  • Aesthetics – Kohler offers more variety and customization in terms of colors, artistic designs, and embellished details. American Standard sticks to more understated traditional straight lines.

For shoppers seeking the widest selection of innovative features, standout sleek designs, and custom colors, Kohler is the winner. But for reliable quality and impressive performance at a great value, American Standard gets the job done.Evaluate your priorities to decide if Kohler or American Standard is the right toilet brand for your bathroom and budget.