Top-Rated Smart Toilets Under $1000 for 2024

In recent years, smart toilets have revolutionized the bathroom experience with high-tech features that promote precision hygiene and convenience. Advanced capabilities like heated seats, automatic flushing, air drying, and more help streamline your routine. And with smart options now available under $1000, this once luxury amenity is more accessible than ever.

But what separates a quality affordable smart toilet from a budget dud? This guide spotlights the top-rated smart toilets under $1000 updated for 2024. We detail the latest innovations across numerous categories to match performance with price range. Read on to discover standout smart toilet models across popular brands praised for value, technology integration, energy efficiency, and ease of installation.

Best Overall: Bio Bidet IB835

Bio Bidet IB835

The Bio Bidet IB835 consistently ranks as a leading smart toilet offering robust features without outrageous costs. Top specifications include:

  • Heated seat and foot warmer
  • Adjustable warm water and air dryer temp
  • Wireless remote control
  • Energy save mode to lower electricity usage
  • Automatic odor control via air filter

This bidet seat replaces your existing toilet by attaching seamlessly to mount right onto the porcelain. The IB835 transforms even old toilets into thronelike comfort.

Key Highlights:

  • Sleek low-profile design
  • Dual stainless steel nozzles
  • Vortex water stream for precision cleaning
  • DIY installation in under 1 hour
  • Programmable user settings
  • Self-cleaning capabilities
Bio Bidet IB835

With premium construction plus cutting-edge wash features, the bio bidet IB835 satisfies users and critics alike as a top-value smart toilet buy of 2024.

Runner Up: Toto C5 Electronic Bidet

Toto C5 Electronic Bidet

Japanese giant Toto sets the standard for luxury toilet engineering. The mid-range C5 bidet seat distills core smart functions for hundreds less than Toto’s flagship models. Notable specs include:

  • Heated seat and water
  • Instantaneous water heating
  • Warm air dryer with 5 temperature settings
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Convenient wireless remote

While costing less than higher-end Totos, the C5 electronic bidet still offers personalized cleansing and convenience perks like:

  • Adjustable heated water temperature and pressure
  • Oscillating and pulsating wash modes
  • LED night light built into the bowl
  • One-touch auto open/close lid
  • Quick-release seat for easy cleaning

With fewer bonus features than luxury models but all core smart toilet capabilities covered, the Toto C5 strikes an ideal balance of value and technology for under $1000.

Best Smart Toilet and Bidet Combo: Brondell LS60

Brondell LS60

Want a traditional smart toilet experience combined with a bidet? This exceptional all-in-one from Brondell delivers the full package. Details include:

  • Integrated bidet wand with sterilization
  • Tankless instant water heating
  • Unlimited warm water capacity
  • Intuitive touchscreen remote
  • ADA compliant design

With both smart toilet base plus advanced bidet unison, key benefits to the Brondell LS60 encompass:

  • No more unsightly toilet attachments
  • Luxurious heated seat and dryer
  • Built-in DIY installation
  • Night light and automatic deodorization
  • One-piece seamless style preferred by homeowners

This space-age smart toilet and bidet fusion aims to eliminate compromise between high tech performance and spa-like purification. For contemporary bathroom aesthetics with practical luxury, the Brondell LS60 triumphs as a sub $1000 champion.

Best Smart Toilet Under $500: Inus Fast Water Heating Bidet

Inus Fast Water Heating Bidet

The Inus smart bidet seat proves advanced personal cleansing tech is attainable even on strict budgets below $500. Key specs include:

  • Tankless unlimited warm water
  • Adjustable heated seat up to 97° F
  • Hot air drying with temperature control
  • Retractable self-cleaning wand
  • Wireless remote operation

Top features that mimic premium models cover:

  • Instant water heating without delay
  • Air deodorizer and filter
  • Soft-close lid with safety sensors
  • Multiple wash settings: pulse, massage, oscillate
  • DIY installation requiring no tools

This value-packed bidet seat from Inus lets nearly anyone upgrade to key smart toilet conveniences like heated seating and on-demand hot water without breaking the bank.

Smart Toilet Comparison Chart

ModelKey SpecsPriceRating
Bio Bidet IB835Heated seat & water, Dryer, Wireless remote, Vortex wash$5994.7/5
Toto C5Instant heating, Warm water and seat, Air deodorizer, Night light$9334.6/5
Brondell LS60Smart toilet + bidet, unlimited warm water, Heated seat & dryer, Touchscreen controls$9494.8/5
Inus Fast HeatingTankless water heating, Heated seat & dryer, Air filter, Wireless controls$4694.5/5

Smart Toilet Technology Benefits

Integrating sensors, heating systems, and other technologies, today’s smart toilets aim to improve user experiences in various ways:

Targeted Cleansing

Intelligent wands with multiple adjustable nozzles provide more precise and customizable cleaning functionality. Settings allow tweaking direction, angle, water temperature and more.

Consistent Ready Temperature

Quick heating tanks and unlimited warm water access mean no icy unpleasant cold shocks mid-use. Preset or instantly activated heated seats also maintain a toasty environment.


Functions like sensor-triggered auto opening/closing lids, self-cleaning wands, automatic flushing and odor elimination reduce effort in mundane upkeep.

Eco-Friendly Efficiency

Energy saving modes, limited water usage, built-in air purifiers and other optimizations contribute to environmental gains versus traditional plumbing fixtures.

Integrating this range of user-centric tech allows smart toilets under $1000 create exceptional value balancing both interactive high-tech features alongside practical daily livability.

Smooth DIY Smart Toilet Installation Tips

Budget smart toilets generally follow two installation formats:

1. Bidet Seats

These units replace just your existing toilet seat to convert its features without plumbing changes. Quick release hinge posts and included mounting bolts toollessly attach the new seat using your original toilet’s fittings.

2. All-In-One Smart Toilet Bases

These overhaul both bowl and integrated bidet combining smarts into one sealed system but require more involved installation. Converting toilets uses similar methods to swapping out any other toilet bases. Consider professional help unless very handy.

For DIY installing, follow best practice guidelines:

  • Carefully measure toilet dimensions and clearance space first
  • Completely shut off water supply and flush out tank before removing old toilet
  • Thoroughly clean basin area and prep new wax ring seal
  • Carefully angle smart toilet bowl into position without smudging wax seal
  • Alternate tightening mounting bolts gradually to evenly secure base
  • Reconnect water supply and test for leaks before first use

Follow detailed included instructions to guarantee leakproof, wobble free installation plus smooth functionality for your undersink plumbing and electrical.

Most smart toilet makers like Bio Bidet also offer live technical phone support if you need guidance on getting that perfect positioning and mounting.

Valuable Smart Toilet Maintenance Tips

Caring for your cutting-edge toilet technology properly ensures it functions reliably long term. Follow these upkeep guidelines:

  • For bidets, drain water lines before winterizing houses in cold climates
  • Run monthly self-cleaning cycles to sanitize wands and plumbing
  • Keep water and heating connections scale free using descaler products
  • Wipe exterior surfaces gently with non-abrasive cleaners and soft cloth
  • For odors, use an enzymatic cleaner made for smart toilets monthly
  • Replace filter screens and activated charcoal deodorizer inserts every 4-6 months

Following the manufacturer’s usage instructions prevents avoidable part wear, mineral buildup or other damage. Also consider supplemental cleaning tablets to reduce staining and sanitize interior toilet surfaces conveniently with regular use.

Why Choose a Sub-$1000 Smart Toilet?

With flagship smart toilets from brands like Toto or Kohler exceeding $5000+, choosing an option 1/5th the price may seem questionable. Why invest under $1000? Consider that cheaper models focus spending on practical functions over flashy gimmicks.

You still benefit from heated seats, water and drying. Automatic open/close lids provide effortless accessibility. Built-in warm water washing yields superior cleaning over manual methods. And preset profiles allow personalizing settings to each user’s comfort.

At just 10-20% the cost of the highest-end smart toilets, affordable models under $1000 create incredible value. They distribute budgets into the most frequently used necessities like endless warm water access. Meanwhile, non-essential extras like app controls, auto-flushing or motion sensors can cost thousands extra even if infrequently tapped.

Unless needing the absolutecutting-edge or showpiece centerpiece bathrooms, reasonably priced smart toilets satisfy the average household’s hygiene and tech needs. Choosing a dressed up porcelain throne no longer requires royal expenditures.

So for nearly all homeowners hoping to simplify toilet use via automation and luxury, we heartily recommend selecting from our spotlighted best smart toilets priced under $1000 for 2024. Within this accessible budget ceiling resides every core feature needed to transform dreary bathrooms into thrones worthy of pampered posteriors.

The Future of Smart Toilet Technology

As prices fall and innovations advance, what toilet tech evolutions lie ahead? We see several promising trends:

Built-In Installations Becoming Standard

Separate bidet seats will give way to integrated smart toilets with technology inside the ceramic unit itself. Fewer seams and easier cleaning improves user experience.

Expanded Sensor Implementation

Beyond auto-open lids, upcoming smart toilets will track user positioning to perfectly time functions like flushing, heating, wash positioning and drying activation.

Enhanced Water Purification

Improved filtration units will minimize contaminants and odors when recycling water for washing functionality.

Personalized User Recognition

Saved preference profiles automatically activating based on whose using the toilet based on smart home ecosystem integration.

Premium Materials as Prices Drop

Cheaper costs will incorporate higher-end finishes like antimicrobial copper and titanium oxide ceramics to prevent bacteria buildup.

As prices drop and technology barriers fall, smart toilets under $1000 of the future aim for broader adoption through refinement of existing innovations plus greater intelligence and customization.

Final Thoughts

With smart toilets now available under $1000, modern bathroom luxuries become more accessible than ever before. Our top value recommendations like the Bio Bidet IB835, Toto C5 or Brondell LS60 match premium technology with reasonable pricing. Perfected permutations integrating cleansing, heating, drying and other sensors in a sleek one-piece toilet simplify usage while easing installation.

Still treat yourself to key comforts heated seats, unlimited warm water and customizable wash settings. But avoid overspending on gimmicky controls that inflate costs without improving essential user experience. Within the value-packed under $1000 smart toilet segment, shoppers find every feature necessary to amplify their bathroom relaxation without unnecessary lavish expenses.