Zurn Z5551-K toilet Review

Zurn Z5551-K toilet

This Zurn single flush toilet has

  • An elongated bowl.
  • A height is greater than 16″ from floor to rim (ADA compliant).
  • Seat not included
  • 1.6 gpf flush volume
  • 1000g MaP rating
  • Two-piece toilet with siphon jet flushing action and 2 – 1/8″ fully glazed trapway
  • ADA height with an elongated rim
  • 3″ Flushing Technology
  • 3-year warranty

Resists soil and odor


Resists drain line clogs


Comfort height




Gallons per flush


Zurn Z5551-K toilet Review

This Zurn single flush toilet was very good in overall performance.
About The Zurn, Z5551-K is part of the Toilet test program. In our lab tests, Toilet models like the Z5551-K are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.
Solid waste removal: The ability to move simulated waste through the bowl and trap.
Noise: Flush quietness without the seat.
Bowl cleaning: How well flushing cleaned the bowl’s front and sides.

 Solid waste removal 


 Bowl cleaning 




Very Good

  • Very Good for solid waste removal
  • This model had no discernible flaws in its performance.

Zurn Z5551-K toilet Deals

Zurn Z5551 ADA, Elongated, 3″ HPT Performance, Siphon Jet, 1.6 gpf Two-Piece Toilet

Zurn Z5551-K toilet Review Score

Total Score 8.3

Good! Designed with 3″ Flushing Technology, Zurn 1.6 GPF two-piece toilets achieve a 1000g MaP rating, helping prevent clogs without sacrificing performance. These toilets are an ideal high-performance solution for commercial new construction and retrofit applications.