Best Top Rated Smart Toilets Brands of 2024

Smart toilets have revolutionized the bathroom experience by introducing high-tech features like automatic flushing, heated seats, built-in lighting, and personal cleaning functions. As the demand for intelligent toilets grows, numerous brands now offer advanced models packed with innovations.

But with so many next-gen options hitting the market, deciding the right smart toilet for your needs can get overwhelming. That’s why we researched over 50 different models and brands to determine the best top-rated smart toilet brands you can buy in 2024.

What to Look for in Smart Toilet Brands

As you begin your search, keep these key criteria in mind while evaluating smart toilet brands:

  • Features – More sophisticated brands offer extras like auto-open/close lids, hands-free flushing, odor extraction, music playlists, heated seats, self-cleaning wands, air drying, remote controls, and motion activation
  • Water Efficiency – Brands focused on conservation utilize high efficiency 1.0 or 1.28 GPF flushes and have EPA WaterSense certification
  • Comfort & Ergonomics – Prefer brands designing seats, heights, bowls, control panels, and cleaning wands to maximize comfort
  • Durability – Established brands engineer high-grade porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, and enameled parts tested to handle years of use
  • Warranties & Support – Comprehensive warranties on electrical and hardware components provide peace of mind
  • Connectivity – Some brands now integrate smart home and IoT functionality for voice commands and app integration

Keeping these bathroom toilet priorities in mind while researching the latest technologies and brands helps match you to the perfect smart toilet.

7 Best Smart Toilet Brands of 2024

Best Top Rated Smart Toilets Brands of 2024

Based on extensive analysis of intelligent toilet brands on the market, these 7 manufacturers stand at the forefront of smart sanitary ware technology and customer satisfaction:

1. Toto

As the pioneer of high-tech toilets, Toto remains the most recognizable and reliable industry brand. Their catalog spans a huge range of prices and feature sets to suit every preference.

Notable innovations first introduced by Toto include heated seats, automatic opening and closing lids, premise bowl coating, cyclone flushing, and anti-bacterial glaze. Their most advanced models even include air deodorizers, UV sanitizers, and IoT integration.

With a focus on premium materials, energy efficiency, design, and technology, Toto smart toilets deliver the finest performance and owner satisfaction.

Key Features

  • ADA-compliant accessible heights available
  • Automatic hands-free flushing technology
  • Heated seats with temperature controls
  • Quiet and powerful EWATER+ cyclone flush
  • SoftClose heated seat & lid
  • Optional IC toilet cleaning and sanitizing

2. Kohler

As a leader in kitchen and bath manufacturing, Kohler offers elegantly designed one-piece and two-piece smart toilets packed with convenience features.

Their models excel at blending technological additions with style and comfort in mind. With touchless flushing, heated seats, built-in lights, intuitive remote controls, and hymnic music, Kohler makes intelligent thrones fit for royalty.

Focusing on choice, they offer budget bidet seat add-ons all the way to fully integrated numi 2.0 smart toilets. Excellent warranties provide peace of mind with their electronically advanced offerings.

Key Features

  • Touchless automatic & remote controlled flushing
  • Customizable heated seat temperature
  • Built-in ambient mood lighting and music
  • Self-cleaning capabilities on premium models
  • Nightlights and automatic open/close lids
  • Advanced Kohler Konnect app connectivity

3. Brondell

Brondell takes a tech-centric approach designing their innovative Swash line of smart toilet seats and bowls. With a focus on custom comforts, they build adjustable heated seats, stainless steel wands, and dual stainless nozzles directly into toilet options instead of secondary add-ons.

This allows Swash models to provide exceptional spray coverage and pinpoint pressure control for sanitizing and therapeutic comfort. With excellent eco and budget-friendly options, Brondell makes advanced bidet technology affordable.

Key Features

  • Built-in advanced bidet seat capabilities
  • Self-cleaning automatically sterilizing wands
  • Adjustable heated seat and water temperatures
  • Wireless remote controls across all models
  • Air drying and deodorizing in premium models
  • Nightlights and soft-closing lids

4. BioBidet

BioBidet focuses exclusively on engineering enhanced bidet toilet experience with every model in their smart toilet offerings. Their product line spans basic electric bidet seat add-ons to elegantly designed one-piece toilets with integrated cleansing functionality.

By specializing in high-end water delivery over standard flushing, BioBidet’s signature tri-spray wands, unlimited hot water heating, bubble infusion jets, and massage modes create a spa-like cleansing experience.

Key Features

  • Advanced bidet seats with endless warm water
  • Adjustable heated seats and drying fans
  • Oscillating and pulsating wash modes
  • Built-in nightlights and soft-closing lids
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Kids washing functionality

5. Woodbridge

Woodbridge emphasizes luxury and comfort crafting their modern smart toilet collections with advanced bidet functionality.

Their sleek one-piece and two-piece models focus on customization with options for nightlights, stainless steel wand styles, unlimited warm water washing, heated seats, warm air drying, automatic flush/lid opening, and wireless remotes.

With intuitive touchscreen tablets on higher models instead of multiple confusing buttons, Woodbridge simplifies maximizing your comfort preferences.

Key Features

  • Integrated bidet cleansing functionality
  • Heated seats with multiple temp settings
  • Stainless steel retracting wands
  • Built-in deodorizers and silk nightlights
  • Quiet, powerful flushing performance
  • App and voice assistant connectivity

6. American Standard

Known for expert plumbing fixture engineering for over 140 years, American Standard now innovates advanced smart toilets.

Their Champion, VorMax, and ActiClean models focus on combining powerful bulk waste and bowl cleaning with antimicrobial toilet protection. Touchless flushing, auto open/close lids, and heated seats now enhance their newest offerings.

With reliable water-saving technology and sturdy vitreous china builds, their smart toilets deliver efficiency and long-term durability.

Key Features

  • Industry-leading Champion flushing performance
  • EverClean permanent antimicrobial surface
  • ADA-compliant accessible heights available
  • Advanced ActiClean toilet cleaning functions
  • Water efficient with 1.28 GPF or higher

7. OVE Decors

While less recognized than leading toilet brands, OVE Decors still engineers cutting-edge smart sanitary ware. What sets them apart is their expansive array of smart bidet seats offering every bell and whistle.

Their TU series packs adjustable heated seats, stainless steel wands, warm air drying, touchscreen displays with presets, nightlights, and wireless remote controls. Giving luxury toilet functionality at more affordable price points.

Key Features

  • Advanced integrated bidet toilet seats
  • Strong yet quiet flushing performance
  • Adjustable heated seats and water temp
  • Built-in warm air drying system
  • LED nightlight and soft-close lid
  • Budget-friendly bidet seat options

Smart Toilet Industry Technologies Defined

With smart toilets incorporating advanced functions like automatic opening lids to UV sanitizing, the terminology involved can get confusing fast.

To help decipher the different intelligent and hygiene-focused toilet features available, here are the most common technologies defined:

  • Automatic Flush – Flushes the toilet automatically through motion detection or time elapsed without manual operation.
  • Heated Seats – Toilet seats warm to user-preferred temp settings for comfort and relaxation.
  • Remote Control – Wireless remotes allow convenient control of functions like flushing, cleaning, seats, etc.
  • Built-in Bidets – Integrated stainless wands in toilets or seats to offer cleansing washing functionality through water jets. Adjustable in position, pressure, temperature, and spray pattern.
  • Air Drying – Gentle streams of warm air to dry the user after bidet cleaning cycle finishes.
  • Deodorizers – Air filtration systems and odor absorbers prevent smells from accumulating in bathroom. Usually uses charcoal filters or O2 flow.
  • Nightlights/Lighting – Discrete LED lighting built into base of toilet to subtly illuminate bowl or surrounding floor at night.
  • Sanitizing – Special UV light or washing cycles help kill bacteria and viruses by sweeping the interior bowl and wand.
  • Self-Cleaning – Automatic chemical or UV sanitization cycles that clean interior bowls, nooks of toilet, and washing wands to prevent waste or germ buildup.
  • Auto Open/Close Lids – Motorized toilet lids can open automatically or close gently with soft-close dampeners.

Understanding these main smart toilet and bidet classifications helps differentiate the wide variety of beneficial features and technologies modern toilets now offer.

Buying Considerations for Smart Toilets

The vast array of intelligent toilets makes selecting the right model overwhelming initially. Keep these key factors in mind while navigating the new world of smart toilets:

Types of Smart Toilets

  • Integrated One-Piece – All features built into ceramic toilet
  • Two-Piece with Smart Seat – Separate bowl and advanced electronic bidet seat
  • Smart Bidet Seat Add-Ons – Affordable way to upgrade normal toilet

Key Feature Questions

  • Do you prefer warm water, air drying, stainless steel or plastic wands?
  • Are you looking for strong water pressure or oscillating pulsing spray modes?
  • What automatic modes like flush, open lids, night lights, and cleaning are useful?
  • Will you utilize IoT app control or smart home connectivity functions?

Bathroom Configuration Factors

  • Does space allow for wall mount one-piece or tankless wall hung bowl?
  • Do you need standard, comfort, or ADA toilet heights?
  • Is an outlet nearby or can wiring be added inside wall?
  • Does existing plumbing line up or need adaptations?

Considering these aspects beforehand simplifies selecting your ideal smart toilet.

Do Smart Toilets Require Special Plumbing?

A common question asked is if upgrading your standard toilet to an advanced intelligent throne with features like a built-in bidet requires any special new plumbing work.

Luckily, the majority of electronic smart toilets utilize your existing toilet water supply line and drainage for the basic flush functionality without issue. The electronics and features essentially enhance your existing setup.

However, for integrated bidets and more advanced functions, smart toilets may also require:

  • Nearby Electrical Outlet – For supplying power to components like heated seats, automatic lids, lights, drying fans, touchscreens, etc. Outlets can often be added or widened safely to provide constant power.
  • Water Line T-Adapter – When your smart toilet seat or integrated bidet utilizes a separate water hookup, this splitter connects the supply line from the wall to both the toilet tank and bidet. Simple installation.
  • Extension Cords or Wiring – If outlet access is limited, flexible sheathed extension cords or wiring inside the wall can link electronics to the nearest outlet. Helpful for more all-in-one electric smart toilets.

So installing your dream toilet throne likely won’t require completely replumbing your entire bathroom. Focus on determining the best electrical supply option for your space.

Overall upgrading to a modern intelligent toilet gives you the latest innovations without significant headaches.

Frequently Asked Smart Toilet Questions

Is it difficult to adjust to using a smart toilet or bidet function after only standard toilets?

For the vast majority of owners, learning to use the comfortable cleansing and drying functions of integrated smart bidet toilets takes minutes. Operation is very intuitive with adjustable settings. Adjust pressure, temperature, and positioning to your preference. Like second nature soon after!

How complicated is it to install electronic smart toilets?

Swapping out your existing toilet or old seat for a modern smart electronic toilet generally doesn’t require significant handyman skills. As long as shutoff valves are accessible and you have basic tools, it’s straightforward. The hardest part is lifting the bowl in and out. Some good how-to videos can assist if desired!

Why are intelligent toilets still expensive compared to standard ones?

The high degree of proprietary electronic engineering involved with advanced features like auto opening/closing seats, touchless flushing, nightlights, and cleaning wands results in smart toilets still carrying a premium. But expect costs to decrease over time as adoption grows.

Do smart bidet toilet seats require much maintenance?

Top brands build reliability and durability into moveable parts like spray wands, hinges, and fittings. But occasional cleaning with approved cleaners, checking wire connections, monitoring filter changes, and replacing common wear items will maximize operation.

Which is better: smart bidet seat add-on or integrated smart toilet?

This depends on your budgets and just how immersed into intelligent toilet benefits you want to get. Quality bidet seat add-ons provide excellent cleansing functionality and some extras to normal toilets for less cost. While advanced integrated smart toilets take luxury to the max for more investment. Evaluate models in each category to decide which technology and price best matches your goals.

Final Thoughts on Top Smart Toilet Brands

As smart toilets continue revolutionizing and refining the bathroom experience through intelligent automation and personalization, sorting through the ever-expanding array of feature-packed models becomes the hardest part.

Hopefully, our 2024 smart toilet brand breakdown and analysis will give you the knowledge needed to select the perfect high-tech commode that matches your family’s wants, budget, and style.

Brands like BioBidet, Toto, and Brondell lead the way in advancing bidet-centric designs focused on custom comforts. American Standard, Kohler, Woodbridge, and OVE decorate bathrooms with modern conveniences like heated seats, built-in nightlights, and touchless flushing.

Visit our smart toilet Ratings and Reviews section for additional in-depth analysis! Let us know if you have any other questions. Here’s to intelligence enhancing even the most private rooms of the household!