Cruze Wall Hung Smart Toilet Review – Super Advanced Toilet Technology?

If you’re looking to upgrade to the most modern toilet conveniences and technology has to offer, Cruze’s newest Smart Wall Hung toilet aims to deliver. This fully-featured toilet sports integrated bidet cleaning, a heated seat, hands-free auto open/close and more to completely transform your bathroom experience.‌

But do the host of bells and whistles justify its luxury price tag hovering around $2,500? This in-depth review will dive into all the details and advanced functionality packed into the Cruze Wall Hung toilet to help you determine if the investment in smart sanitation is worthwhile. ‌

Overview of Key Features

Cruze Wall Hung Smart Toilet
  • Fully automated self-opening and closing seat/lid‌
  • Built-in stainless steel bidet wand‌
  • Adjustable heating for seat and water
  • Warm air dryer and odor extraction‌
  • Dynamic LED night lights and minimalist style‌
  • Advanced flush savings technology‌
  • Emergency flush backup power‌
  • Wall hung installation‌

Hands-Free Operation That Wows

cruze wall hung smart toilet

One of the most standout and impressive features of this toilet is how its automated seat and cover open and close for you automatically using advanced proximity sensors. ‌

As you approach, the cover lifts smoothly out of sight. No need to touch a thing with likely germ-covered hands. Once you walk away, it gently glides down to restore to a pristine closed position.‌

Sleek self-opening toilet seats often cost hundreds alone as accessories, but the Cruze model manages to bake this handy capability in without adding ridiculous costs to an already premium toilet.‌‌

Programming allows customizing detection distance and open duration. For households with kids, there’s also manual open close buttons atop the toilet tank.‌

The wow factor of having a toilet seat seem to automatically know when you need it up versus down doesn’t get old if hoping to impress guests. It’s a small touch that makes using the facilities feel revolutionary.‌

Adjustable Heated Seat & Water For Comfort‌

You won’t have to worry about getting startled sitting down on an icy toilet seat in the heart of winter. Integrated heating elements gently warm the ergonomic seat between 82°F to 97°F for delightful comfort.‌

Whether it’s middle of winter or you simply want a cozy toilet experience without the icy shock, adjustable heating has you covered.‌

The integrated stainless steel bidet wand also features temperature adjustment of its dual spray nozzles up to 100°F for a soothing cleaning experience. Tweak temperatures to your liking via the side mounted digital control panel.‌

Having both your seat and bidet water heated makes cold morning bathroom visits far more bearable. It’s amazing how such a small touch enhances otherwise miserable moments!‌

Built-In Bidet Cleansing Function‌

cruze wall hung smart toilet

Skip the cumbersome add-on bidet accessories – this smart toilet has the bidet cleansing functionality built right in.‌‌

A sleek stainless steel nozzle arm extends from beneath the bowl rim to offer both a soothing rear wash and feminine front wash. Adjustable water pressure gives you control over the stream for comfort.‌‌

The self-cleaning nozzle automatically retracts out of sight when not in use. No need to worry about proper position or getting your wires crossed.‌‌

Operation is straightforward using the wireless remote or convenient control panel buttons. Choose from pulsating, oscillating, bubbly washes, then finish with the warm air drying as desired.‌

Having a bidet’s cleansing abilities seamlessly integrated rather than rigging up tacked-on fixtures helps maintain a smooth modern aesthetic. ‌

Other Handy Features & Tech

  • Warm Air Dryer – After using the bidet’s wet wash functions, activate the integrated warm air dryer to get a rejuvenating 120°F heated breeze blowing across your nether regions if you don’t want to reach for toilet paper. Adjustable temperature lets you pick the right warmth.‌‌
  • Automatic Bowl Flush – Never second guess if your business got flushed away. Built-in sensors initiate an automatic bowl rinse and partial flush after you walk away to keep the bowl sparkling. This assists cleaning but doesn’t use full flush amount. Manual normal flushing still required.‌
  • Odor Extraction – Built-in fan and filtration system activates each time the seat lowers to help whisk odors away from the bowl and your nose. Keeps bathroom smelling cleaner!
  • Dynamic LED Night Light – Rather than blinding you when stumbling to the toilet at night, a soft LED light adorns the base offering just enough illumination for where you need to go.‌
  • Emergency Backup – Never worry about getting stranded without toilet power. Manual lever provides emergency flushing capability in the rare case of power outage. Batteries also enable key functions.‌
  • Eco & Power Saving – Intelligent partial and full flush sensors analyze deposits and use only necessary water. Low power mode kicks in automatically after 72 hours of not detecting use. Helps conserve precious resources.‌‌

Smart conveniences for days!

Smooth Minimalist Look & Wall Hung Installation

Part of its hefty price stems from that the Cruze Wall Hung toilet ships as wall mounted only. This means professional installation that attaches the ceramic basin directly to your bathroom wall studs without any floor supported tank or base.‌

While requiring remodeling savoir-faire, this gives a super modern, almost floating toilet look that makes a striking statement. Without ugly tank or bowl disrupting sight lines, the room feels more open.‌

The toilet itself features smooth rounded corners and snazzy grey finish with concealed in-wall water connections and power adaptor giving it a crisp ultramodern personality. Surprisingly compact for everything packed inside.‌

Just ensure your contractor can properly craft the supply line infrastructure and mount the fixture for flawless integration. The end results can feel akin to a minimalist smart toilet beamed in from a spaceship if done right!‌

Cruze Wall Hung Toilet Tech Specs

  • Average Power Usage – 250W Heating, 150W Motors & Light‌
  • Water Pressure – 75 PSI‌
  • Bowl Size – 14 5/8 x 11 5/8 x 5 1/2 inches‌
  • Weight – 55 lbs‌
  • Finish – White Ceramic & Grey Accent Trim‌
  • flush rates – 4.8Lpf / 3.5Lpf‌
  • Warranty – 5 years‌

Fully packed modern toilet but still reasonably sized for standard bathroom spaces once removing tank bulk.‌

What Owners Are Saying‌

Being on the bleeding edge of toilet tech means this smart model has limited professional and user reviews so far. But initial reactions are very positive:‌

“I’ll just say it – this toilet is life changing. Never have I looked forward to bathroom breaks before but the experience with this changes your perspective!”‌

“That’s the beauty – it doesn’t force you to constantly tinker with settings once dialed in. Intuitive and automated.”‌‌

“The auto open/closesounds gimmicky but honestly make dealing with a toilet feel like living in 2040! Kids loved it too.”

Overall owners praise the automated seat and customized wash performance in particular. Some reservations about the slow proprietary seat shape limiting aftermarket warm seat options down the road. ‌

Also common consideration over whether the significantly boosted price over SmartCore’s more economical smart toilets warrants the splurge for what largely amounts to added bidet integration and hands-free capability.‌

But no question Cruze sets the new bar for peak smart toilet innovation today.‌

Should You Buy the Cruze Wall Hung Smart Toilet?‌

The Cruze Wall Hung unit manages to push smart toilet functionality even further into the future – but demands the price tag to match of roughly $2500 once professionally installed. ‌

You get every advanced bell and whistle integration imaginable from flawless minimalist style to full bidet cleansing, odor elimination, heated seat/water and hands-free automation. And never need touch grimy surfaces again!‌

But that laundry list of technology carries quite the cost. Comparing to brands like Toto offering similar but less elegant features for nearly $1000+ less requires weighing your budget versus needs.‌

The Cruze checks nearly every box if seeking the most modern luxury toilet money can buy today for a refined home. But also provides potentially overkill quality vs more economical smart toilets if not needing the total package.‌

At the end of the day, cutting edge smart sanitation offers incredible convenience improvements once experienced. And Cruze aims to spoil your bottom without breaking the bank quite as severely as rivals.‌

Just prepare for extensive bathroom remodeling and the substantial price of entry – then let your rear enjoy living like total royalty