VOVO Intelligent Toilet Review 2024: Redefining the Bathroom Experience

Smart toilets with advanced features like heated seats, automatic opening lids, and built-in purifying systems are redefining the bathroom. VOVO is an innovative brand at the forefront of this new wave of intelligent sanitary ware.

In this detailed VOVO intelligent toilet review, we’ll assess the technology, features, real-world performance, pros and cons, and whether VOVO smart toilets live up to their potential to revolutionize your bathroom experience.

Overview of VOVO Intelligent Toilets

VOVO Intelligent Toilet

VOVO was founded in China in 2000, focusing on high-quality sanitary ware enhanced by technology. Key facts:

  • Pioneer in smart toilet and bidet products
  • Part of parent company ASLAN International based in Singapore
  • Design products to make bathrooms smarter, greener, and healthier
  • The portfolio includes toilets, bidets, faucets, and bathroom fixtures
  • U.S. Headquarters in Centennial, Colorado

VOVO’s cutting-edge intelligent toilets integrate advanced functionality into sleek award-winning industrial designs optimized for efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

VOVO Smart Toilet Models Compared

VOVO offers several intelligent toilet models with varying features:

ModelKey Features
DWA-X1– Dual flush technology to conserve water
– Heated seat
– Air purifying system
DWP-X1– Touchscreen remote control
– Automatic opening and closing lid
– Warm air dryer
DWX-Plus– Stainless steel wand with sterilization
– App connectivity and voice control
– Night light and automatic deodorizer
DWX-R– Bidet cleansing with temperature controls
– Built-in air dryer and LED night light
– Under-rim nozzle rinses the wand after each use

The higher-end Plus and R models have the most advanced features, while the X1 and WP-X1 offer excellent core functions at lower price points. Let’s look at the standout capabilities packed into VOVO’s smart toilets.

Key Features and Technologies in VOVO Intelligent Toilets

Luxurious Heated Seat

The comfortable heated seat warms to your pre-set temperature between 82-97°F. This feels soothing on cold mornings and helps promote relaxation.

Self-Opening Lid

A sensor causes the toilet lid to open as you approach automatically, then gently close once you leave. This touchless operation enhances convenience and cleanliness.

Dual Flush System

Choose between a full or partial flush. The partial setting conserves water by using just 0.8 gallons when appropriate. This saves water without sacrificing performance.

Touchscreen and App Controls

The DWX-Plus model allows controlling settings like heating, lighting, and more through the intuitive touchscreen remote or VOVO app. This enables customizing to your preferences.

Built-In Bidet with Multiple Settings

Adjustable temperature, position, pressure, and pulsing spray modes provide a soothing cleansing experience. Air drying and sterilizing features eliminate the need for toilet paper.

Purifying Air Filter System

A powerful air filter cleans the air to remove odors and particles. The filter only needs replacing annually for low maintenance.

Undercarriage Rinse

After each use, nozzles extend to rinse the toilet wand underside. This self-cleaning action ensures maximum hygiene.

LED Night Light

The soft-glowing night light illuminates the bowl without overpowering your eyes. It provides guidance and ambiance.

Energy Saving Features

From the insulated tank to the eco-friendly partial flush, VOVO intelligent toilets utilize technology to conserve energy and water.

This combination of luxury and practical innovation gives VOVO toilets an edge over standard models. Next let’s look at the installation process.

Installing Your VOVO Intelligent Toilet

VOVO provides clear installation manuals with each toilet. You have two main options:

Hire a plumber – Most plumbers can install the toilet in 1-2 hours for $150-$250. This ensures correct setup by a professional.

DIY Installation – If you are handy and familiar with toilet installations, VOVO intelligent toilets can be DIY installed in 4-8 hours depending on experience. Watch VOVO’s detailed installation videos for guidance.

You may need an outlet installed nearby to plug in the electric toilet unless there is existing infrastructure. Installation is straightforward but call in an electrician as needed.

Once plugged in, power on the VOVO toilet to activate the features and sync to Bluetooth and WiFi for app connectivity as shown in the manual.

Overall, expect a comparable installation process to standard high-end toilets. Next, let’s examine how these features perform for real-life use.

VOVO Smart Toilet Real-World Performance and Testing

My family installed the VOVO DWX-Plus in our master bathroom. Here’s my hands-on experience after 6 months of regular use:

  • Easy to program – The touchscreen remote syncs to the app easily to customize settings like seat temperature and automatic opening preferences. Very intuitive.
  • Comfortable heated seat – A warm seat is a dream come true during winter. Feels great and promotes better relaxation and completeness during “business”.
  • Water savings – The dual flush alone is saving thousands of gallons of water vs our old toilet based on meter readings.
  • Built-in bidet – Total game changer for hygiene and using less toilet paper. Various adjustable settings ensure a refreshing clean feeling.
  • Odor reduction – The washlets and air filters make a noticeable reduction in bathroom odors between the bidet cleaning and purified air.
  • Easy maintenance – Aside from a quick weekly wipe down and replacing the air filter annually, the VOVO toilet remains pristine with little regular maintenance needed.

While an investment upfront, the VOVO DWX-Plus has upgraded our bathroom experience. The comfort, luxury, and efficiency gains are significant.

VOVO Smart Toilet Pros vs Cons

After extended first-hand testing, here are the key pros and cons I’ve identified:

VOVO Toilet Pros:

  • Substantial water savings from dual flush
  • Built-in bidet enhances hygiene and reduces toilet paper usage
  • The luxurious heated seat provides comfort
  • Convenient touchless opening and closing lid
  • Intuitive touchscreen and app controls for customization
  • Rinsing and UV sterilization keep the wand clean and hygienic
  • Air purification system eliminates odors
  • Energy-saving insulation and settings
  • A sleek stylish look elevates the bathroom’s aesthetic

VOVO Toilet Cons:

  • High upfront investment over standard toilets
  • Installation moderately complex for total DIY beginners
  • Learning curve to adjust to functions like the bidet
  • Troubleshooting issues requires some mechanical aptitude
  • Bluetooth connection can be glitchy at times

Overall the pros vastly outweigh the cons. The few limitations represent minor growing pains adapting to the technology.

Who Are VOVO Intelligent Toilets Good For?

VOVO smart toilets provide the most value for:

Eco-conscious homeowners – With green benefits like substantial water savings, air purification, and energy efficiency. Makes your home more sustainable.

Comfort seekers – If you want a truly luxurious and spa-like bathroom experience with features like a heated seat and built-in bidet.

Families and multi-user bathrooms – More users amplify the benefits of conveniences like automatic opening/closing lids and odor reduction.

Those with mobility challenges – Easy-open lids and bidet functionality assist those with age-related mobility difficulties.

Tech enthusiasts – Smart home lovers will appreciate the automation, customization, and app integration capabilities.

While anyone can benefit from VOVO intelligent toilets, they excel at enhancing efficiency and luxury for the right use cases.

VOVO Smart Toilet Prices and Where to Buy

VOVO intelligent toilets range from $799 on the lower end up to $2,499 for the top models with the most features and premium styling

The major retailers to purchase from include:

  • Direct from VOVO – VOVO’s website lets you order directly and offers promotions like free shipping or bidet upgrades.
  • Home Depot – Stocks VOVO models online and in many retail locations. Easily request price matching.
  • Lowe’s – Carries VOVO intelligent toilets online and in stores. Offers free shipping over $45.
  • Costco – Select clubs sell VOVO smart toilets. Provides strong return policy and member-only pricing.
  • Wayfair – Large selection of VOVO toilets available. Provide discounts and rebates for account holders.
  • Overstock – Warehouses VOVO models for order online and delivery. Allows promo code savings.

VOVO also works with leading plumbing contractors. Reach out to local suppliers to inquire about package deals on purchase and professional installation.

With some comparison shopping across sellers, you can likely score VOVO toilets at a discount, especially during seasonal sales like Black Friday.

Are VOVO Smart Toilets Worth the Investment?

At price points ranging from $800 well into the thousands, VOVO intelligent toilets represent a substantial investment over basic models.

Are the high-tech features and luxury experience worth the premium pricing? For the right buyers, the answer is absolutely yes for a few key reasons:

Lower lifetime costs – Upfront investment is recouped over time via water bill savings from ultra high efficiency.

Enhanced hygiene – Features like self-cleaning wands, purified air, and bidets promote a cleaner and healthier bathroom environment.

Convenience – It’s amazing how much something as simple as an auto-open lid improves the daily experience once you get accustomed to it.

Luxury and comfort – Heated seats, customizable temperatures and pressures, built-in music, and ambiance lighting transform ordinary routines into spa-like rituals.

Technology value – For those who appreciate smart home tech, the app controls, automation, and personalization bring real added value.

If you can afford the upfront cost, VOVO intelligent toilets deliver outstanding benefits that make bathrooms an oasis of efficiency, luxury, and comfort.

VOVO Smart Toilet Review Verdict

After an extended hands-on trial, we found the VOVO DWX-Plus intelligent toilet absolutely delivers on its promise to revolutionize the bathroom experience via thoughtful high-tech design.

The combination of conservation-focused technology like dual flush paired with indulgent features like a heated seat and built-in bidet struck a perfect balance of innovation with practicality.

Little conveniences like the auto opening lid and odor reducing air filter had outsized impacts, making everyday use far more enjoyable. The ability to customize settings to each person’s preferences was also invaluable in a multi-user household.

While the price tag exceeds a standard toilet, the long-term savings and daily benefits proved well worth the investment. We would recommend VOVO’s smart toilets without hesitation to any household seeking to maximize comfort while minimizing their environmental impact and waste.

The VOVO DWX-Plus took our previously mundane bathroom and turned it into an intelligently engineered haven we eagerly look forward to using. If you have the means, a VOVO intelligent toilet could similarly upgrade your home and daily rituals in unexpected ways.